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Articles added to the Bigfoot Information Project, listed by date.

Date Added
Title and description

22 August 2004

2003 International Bigfoot Symposium Keynote Address By John Green
Text of John Green's keynote speech presented to the 2003 International Bigfoot Symposium.

13 August 2004

An Archaeological Viewpoint of the Hairy Man Pictographs By Kathy Moskowitz
Ancient pictographs and traditional stories point to the significance of sasquatch in Native American culture.

8 August 2004

The Bayanov Letters by Dmitri Bayanov
Letters written in response to the Devner Post article "Bigfoot Believers".

8 August 2004

Bigfoot In Texas By Craig Woolheater
A brief history of bigfoot reports in Texas that illustrates the phenomenon is not contained to just the Pacific Northwest.

8 August 2004

How Not to Plan a Hoaxed Filming By Roger Knights
If you'd like to film a bigfoot hoax, try not to follow the lead of others.

8 August 2004

International Bigfoot Symposium By Paul Vella
An account of one man's journey to the heart of bigfoot country.

21 March 2004

Evaluating Purported Sasquatch Photographic Evidence By Alton Higgins
What photographs of purported sasquatch are good enough to be called 'evidence' and by what standards should they be judged?

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